Development of technological processes

Processing of aluminum and plastic

We guarantee the high quality of manufactured products

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PROTEK-BEL Ltd provides services in high-precision machining of various materials - such as metals and plastics, as well as production of parts and assemblies according to the drafts of the customers.

Your tasks - Our solutions

Milling works

Multi-tool machining on vertical milling machining centers.

Lathe works

High-precision lathing on CNC machines produced by world famous manufacturers.

Polymer coatings

Polymeric painting of metal products based on customer feedback.


Blasting of surfaces with an air-abrasive compound in a sandblasting chamber.


Wet or dry tumbling in the vibratory drum and grinding of parts of complex shapes in various environments.


Marking, chopping, cutting, straightening, bending, sawing, scraping, tapping, etc.

Transport logistics

Procurement of materials and delivery of products to the customer by our own means.